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To get a basic recording directly from TiVo to DVD you would hook up the video output from TiVo, either S-video (preferred) or composite/RCA and the L/R RCA output from TiVo to your DVD recorder and set the DVD recorder to record from that input. DVD-R is the recommended media to use for recording.

When you want to record a program, use TiVo’s “Save to VCR” function. When it’s ready hit "play" on TiVo and “record” on your DVD recorder and that will transfer the recording from TiVo to your DVD. The recording will be WYSIWYG; a real-time recording, so if you FF through commercials, that’s what will be recorded. The result will be an SD recording. Once your recording(s) have completed, you have to "finalize" the disc on the recorder to let it play in other DVD players or a computer.

I know you already have a DVD recorder but for others, the Sony RDR-GX330 Single Tray DVD Recorder is often mentioned as a good DVD recorder to use. This machine has methods to preserve the original aspect ratio, etc.

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