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connecting A/V equipment

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As I am really new to all this TiVo, and really A/V in general, I have questions with the connections of all the components.

I have a digital cable box/converter and it only has 2 types of outputs; 1 coax & 1 set of stereo RCA connectors (composite A/V ??).

Both in use to the TiVo S2 DT unit then I have a S-video out to the TV but the video display I pretty lousy on some shows. Not recorded shows mind you.

It seems I get the best picture out of the coax, next being the RCA stereo composite, and worse with the S-video.

This is opposite of what I have read. Can anyone enlighten me as I must be doing something wrong.
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When you say "1 set of stereo RCA connectors", are there actually three connectors colored yellow, red and white? If so, use these and disconnect the coax from the cable box output.

Next, get a good-quality two-way RF splitter and connect its input to the cable from the wall. One output goes to the cable box input and the other to the TiVo RF input. Rerun Guided Setup and tell it about the new connections.
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