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Confusion on cablecard necessity

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I was thinking of adding a second tivo to my house and getting the new Tivo HD. I currently have a cable box (Cablevision) in the room I want it in with HD Capability. If I want to be able to record only one HD at a time, will I still need a card? If so, will it be an additional charge on top of my cable box? I don't want to lose the cable box and the pay per view features and was hoping I could hook it up to the Tivo (as I do with series 2), but also record HD off of it.

Thanks in advance,
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You can't hook the cable box to the HD TiVo. The TiVo IS the cable box. You'll need at least one cablecard to record digital/encrypted channels (but then you only have one tuner, so two cards are better.) There's no reason you can't keep the cable company box also, and just use it for PPV.
You don't need the cable box to do PPV. You can call Cablevision to order it. Maybe it isn't as convenient, but it works. The two cable cards will cost you less than the STB from Cablevision. But, you will lose any VOD features.
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