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Conflicting info - DVD-R Tivo's and TiVoToGo

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From what I've read and researched here it appears, that the DVD-R TiVo's do support TiVoToGo.. but on Tivo's website it states

"The TiVoToGo Home Media feature is not available for DVD Recorder models from Toshiba, Pioneer, or Humax at this time. The TiVoToGo feature will not be available for Series1 DVRs or for DIRECTV DVRs with TiVo."


and also

"Is my TiVo® DVR TiVoToGo™ compatible?
TiVoToGo transfers are possible on any networked TiVo Series2 DVR. At this time DVD Recorders with TiVo (Humax, Pioneer and Toshiba models) do NOT have TiVoToGo capabilities. But this functionality is COMING SOON! So come back to TiVo.com often for updates. "

Which is it? :confused: :D
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The DVD recorder models got TTG capability in the spring IIRC. Tivo just hasn't updated their support pages.
All standalone series 2 Tivo's support TivoToGo now.
Thanks! They really should update those pages, it almost prevented me from buying a TiVo.
Actually, it was fall, with the release of 7.2, where DVD recorders got TiVotoGo.
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