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Just wondering if I'm missing something here...

When I enter my zipcode in Fandango I get 140 movie theatres within 5 miles, all of which are automatically selected. It seems I can only deselect each theatre individually to get it down to a more manageable number, but then this setting applies to all of the Fandango menu items. What I'd like is a way to limit my browse by theatre choice to the 3 or 4 theatres that are within 5 blocks of my apartment, but still be able to include all theatres within the 5 miles when I'm browsing by movie title or upcoming releases. Am I missing a way to manage this more sensibly?


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I wish I only got 140 theaters within 5 miles. When I put in my ZIP code, it gives me 3840 theaters within 780 miles, all of them automatically selected. I don't find it terribly useful.

I found the solution in another thread. I had to enter a different ZIP code then change back to my ZIP code. Now I have 15 theaters within 15 miles, which makes much more sense.

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Fandango is much more usable through a web browser on many levels, including search functionality and the ability to remember your credit card info. I don't have a whole lot of use for the TiVo one as it stands... maybe a future update will make it more useful.

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TiVo Fandango is not listing a theater, one of only two in this town, that web Fandango is. To whom should I report this issue? PM to someone?

Not listed:
Regal Starlight Stadium 14 - Anderson
141 Interstate Blvd., Anderson, SC 29621

AmStar Stadium 14
193 Civic Center Blvd., Anderson, SC 29625
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