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Computer Camera

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I bought a Tivo Premiere...all I want to do is connect a computer camera and record my kids for assessment purposes. Do I have to buy a subscription? I cant even get past the first prompts.... Any help would be much appreciated. Very frustrated.
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Yes, you have to buy a subscription to do anything useful with a current-model TiVo. Even then, your intended application is not really supported, although you may be able to kludge it into working. Not with a USB camera, though. It would have to be one that had standard composite or s-video outputs. To make it work with a Series 3 or later, you'd actually need an RF signal, although you can get there with an RF modulator. An Elite won't work at all; it has no encoder.

Alternatively, you could just record from a camera onto a computer, and then transfer those recordings to the TiVo over the network. (Yes, that still requires a subscription.) That would actually be simpler, but I get the impression that you want to leave the computer out of it for some reason.

"Assessment purposes"?
Can you outline exactly what it is you're trying to accomplish? Like, the end application goal.

Are you trying to record your kids at like a recital and then put it on the TiVo?

Are you trying to take a webcam and hook it up to the TiVo expecting this will act like a security camera system?

Give us a hint here.
You need to buy a camcorder.

A TiVo Premier will be very hard to do what you want to do.
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