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Hello. I was browsing through the threads, but found it hard to pull together all the bits relevant to my question.

I've been a DirecTV subscriber since late 1996, and a TiVO fanatic most of that time. Our network has evolved to the point where we have two S1 SAT-T60 boxes and one HR10-250 box, all under lifetime TiVO subscriptions. The S1s are getting long in the tooth and I feel like we're getting to the point where a major change is needed. I'm planning to switch to Verizon's FIOS TV and use one of their terrible DVRs for the kids, and (2) Series 3 TiVOs on cable cards, one for the wife and one for myself. So, to the point --

1. (After using PriceGrabber) I can see that S3 TiVOs are going for ~$630 (NewEgg). Is that about right? Is anyone aware of an available rebate? Any special offers on buying two boxes at the same time?
2. If the lifetime transfer for $199 option is still available, does that apply even with a transfer between DBS and fiber? Does lifetime apply across all of my boxes, or one box at a time?
3. Our house has a dual-RG6 cable layout running from our basement to the family room and master bedroom, from when our county had a dual-cable CATV system. Long ago we co-opted the cables for our satellite signals, and have a 2->6 multiplexer in the basement where the dish comes in, and a 2->4 multiplexer in our bedroom which splits the satellite between one of the S1 and the HR10 (hers and mine). When the FIOS is enabled, will they use some or all of this wiring for the new network, or will we most likely have to home-run three new cable runs?

And finally, what else can I do in advance that would help such a migration at the least possible price? (I'm not sure I even know to ask the right questions here.)

Thanks in advance for any insight. -Gary
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