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Compatible External Drives

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Please list the model of external drive (or components if its home brewed) and the method you tried to connect with (9.1 + kickstart or 9.2 Plug and Play for example).

Make    Model          Capacity    eSATA Cable  Method     Symptom
WD      My Book Home   1TB         SIIG 1m      9.1 KS62   Infinate Reboots
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Dr_Diablo said:
Didn't you read this thread? The question is was answered here..

Good point. Lets just list the ones that dont work.
Western Digital My Book Home Edition 1TB with SIIG Cable
9.1 Kickstart 62. No 9.2 software yet.
Symptom: Will not boot the TiVo OS. Endless reboots.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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