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3 days and no thread oh my.

I loved this because it was so 'Bartlett like.' Wonderful action, strategy and twist to keep you interested. Of course we have to stop for family time but since it's a female prez i can understand that. And it's now apparent why they have the kitchen in the residence. Just like I said, grandma has to have something to do.

cookies every day after school? Kid must have lots of cavities and have been a bit tubby. Great bribe to get a kid to come home though. I guess the daughter will come around and work on the campaign based on what we saw of her.

Love how zak gave the press girl a big ole wet one. She almost didn't seem to mind.

best line "NO running in the halls". That was very funny until he realized it was a joke. And I agree good thing templton wasn't prez or we would be in war now.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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