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A-1 said:
Okay here in Chicago we have new HD channels they are:

Food HD
National Geographic HD
Home & Garden TV HD

My tivo sees these new channels and has added them to my guide and shows program info. However, none of these channels show up on the S3, are they SDV?

If i switch over to my Comcast provided cable box by Motorola they are all viewable.

I have run the guided setup again
Rebooted the S3

No luck these channels are just a blank black screen on the S3.

Anyone else having this issue?
Thought i would check here prior to calling tivo, oh and also, I search for this issue but only found mention of the channels being added or news that they were to be added.
I am on Comcast Chicago with an S3, and have been receivng said channels for about a week.
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