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Tivo decommissioned the Xfinity OnDemand app some time ago. When they did so, they put out a message saying that the old streaming service that it was based on was no longer supported, and that that they would be releasing a new Xfinity OnDemand app. That has not happened.

Has anyone heard any update on the status of this?

Also... any info on new Tivo apps to support things like:
CBS All Access
Peacock (NBC)
SciFi Channel

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"Pretty unlikely" sounds overly optimistic to me:rolleyes:. I would say it's highly unlikely for all or most of those apps.

FWIW, here is the list of devices that will be supporting the Peacock app at launch as well as those which are still under development. I assume that the TiVo Stream 4K will be included among the Android devices:

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