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Not to threadjack, but this reminds me of something that I got in the mail today...

I guess that when I canceled Charter, I probably shouldn't have told them that I was switching to DirecTV, because now they send me mail about once a week trying to convert me back over.

Anyway, today I got some flyer telling me that I would 'save over $400 a year' if I switched back to Charter from D*. The front was advertising their premium digital package, and it had the HBO logos all over it. Looking on the back, it had HBO and Shotime checked for Charter (under the $30/month plan 'premium' plan) but not checked for D*. Turns out, that it comes with a 1 month PREVIEW of HBO and Shotime. And that $30/month price? It's introductory! After a few months, it shoots up to around $60/month. Just briefly going over the math in my head, it was clear that switching back would likely cost me money. D*'s not prefect, but at least they've never flat out lied to me.

But really, what should I expect? This sums the situation up nicely: When I moved into my current house, Charter was over a week late installing my cable (claimed that all their installers were booked, and that my order had gotten 'lost'), about three weeks later, DirecTV was a day early.
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