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jfischer said:
It's all the luck of the draw. Sometimes you'll get a competent installer, sometimes you'll get a trained chimp. Goes for Cable, DirecTV and Dish equally.
Case in point - I decided to go from Comcast to DirecTV recently. 2 installers came on a Fri afternoon and said they couldn't install because they weren't allowed to go onto my wood shake roof (could damage it). So I said well strap the antenna to the chimney. They said they didn't have a chimney strap, but I could reschedule.

Two weeks later, no one showed up between 8 and 12 and promised. I got a call at 11:45 saying that they would have to reschedule for next Wednesday with solemn promise to give me priority and show at 8:00 a.m. wi chimney strap.

On Monday I called to make sure. They never heard of priority or need for chimney strap, but would be sure to make note of it.

Wed I called at 10:00 because still no show. Promise to call back not made. Finally, at 11:30, installer shows - never heard of priority to show at 8:00, did not know why I was promised a chimney strap (they cost $50.00!), and said there was no reason at all why he couldn't go onto the shake roof. Said the original installers were just too lazy to do the job.

Then he says he can't go under the house and wants to string a line all the way around to the front exterior of the house. I told him to hit the road, Jack, and don't you come back no mo, no mo.

All past install experiences with Comcast were great.
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