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Comcast's CEO just reiterated two weeks ago that they were moving forward with the Tivo rollout in the Northeast and would see wide distribution in Q12008. They are also going to fund OCAP certification for Tivo software on SA boxes in addition to Motorola. So its hardly time to start with the chicken little crap.

Also, there is exactly ZERO reason to be concerned about 1080p on your DVR. None. In fact, if your DVR boasted about 1080p, you should be very, very skeptical and understand that you are being ripped off.

[Rant] Yet another example of how the flat-panel manufacturers have duped the consumer public into believing that 1080p is the end-all and be-all of HD, and that if every single one of your components isn't "fully 1080p radical true HD," then you are missing out, so begin your Monk-like twitching and mumbling. [/Rant]

Lastly, you should be aware that there is no TivoToGo or GoBack functionality on any HD Tivo product. So you could say that the "impact" of HD recording on Tivo Desktop is huge.
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