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alexcomp said:
A while ago I was hot to trot for the Tivo HD but heard Comcast would "soon" be implementing the TIVO gui on their boxes. Put project on hold. Recent conversations with Comcast employees indicate not to happen any time soon.


The motorola hd dvr looks good - is it the same limitation of 1080i that the Tivo has? My Sony Grand Wega can do 1080p. Will the Tivo HD be at least as good as the Motorola HD DVR? I'm doing this for the superior user interface by the way...
Only HD DVDs and game consoles do 1080p.

Irritating that two cards cost as much as the Motorola DVR, (maybe not true I see the cards come single or multi-stream).
Comcast (at least in the bay area) has M-cards.

I'm assuming I can continue to run the Comcast box, hook up the Tivo with two cards and run it also giving me the capability of four simultaneous HD programs, yes?
With that configuration, you can record 4 programs at once, but you'll likely be charged for the DVR and an additional outlet.

Are there other configuration options like running cable to the comcast box and through it to the Tivo thus eliminating the $6.95 each for the cards?
Not if you want HD and/or premium channels.

Where's the forum for the Tivo hacks these days? My T2 was hacked years ago to 200 gig and has run perfectly. 160 doesn't seem enough. Can the external sata port be used for anything?
There are a few threads regarding upgrading the internal HD, and enabling the ESATA--search is your friend.

What impact does HD recording have on Tivo desktop? Can I transfer HD content to Tivo desktop at higher quality? Can I burn from the desktop at higher quality?
Search is your friend.

Anybody wanna buy a 200gig T2? Where can I post a for sale on this unit?
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