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New to the forum, but I've been keeping up with this ComCast / cable card issue & haven't seen any recent posts to answer my question.
Anyone have any recent experience with Comcast out of Schaumburg, IL, as far as obtaining / installing cable cards - particularly "M" type?
I've called them a few times & a few of the reps were semi knowledgeable but availability, pricing, etc. was all over the map. One did say that she had heard that they would "soon" be allowing self install like they do their HD DVRs.
I stopped by the office on Wise Rd. in Schaumburg & the rep there thought a "multi-stream" cable card was so that you could get picture-in-picture. She said I couldn't rent the cards but had to buy them for $26/ea & her system said they had to be installed by their tech. Since I knew full well you can't "buy" their cards that conversation ended quickly.
Anyone have any current info for those of us in the N/W suburbs? I've seen several references that the Comcast office near downtown Chicago (North Ave.) is giving out cards for self install but will they do that for customers outside the Chicago City limits?
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