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I haven't looked at your picture yet, but I'll tell you this-

If you're using a cable box, you'll never be able to watch one digital channel while recording another.

You'd need two boxes.

The best you'll be able to do is split the cable before the cable box and feed the "boxless" or "straight" cable into either your TV or your TiVo.

The cable box will then feed the other unit.

The TiVo will have to feed into the TV thru A/V connectors, so you can both use the TV's antenna feed (whatever it's getting thru that) for regular viewing, as well as switch to the A/V feed to watch the TiVo. (And I hope your TV has A/V inputs...if not, your plan won't work out so good.)

The disadvantage to this is whichever unit is getting the "straight" cable is only getting analog channels, and obviously not as many of those as the other unit can get with the box.

Also, with all the splitting you're doing, I'd get an amplifying splitter, rather than a regular one. Make sure it's one that's geared for digital cable.

Personally, I'd recommend sending the "straight" cable to the TV directly, and send what's coming out of the box to your TiVo. It'll give the TiVo the ability to record any channel you can get.

If you do have program conflicts where you want to watch one thing and record another, if one's on an analog channel you can watch that live thru the TV.

Always better if the TiVo can record every channel you get.

Of course, if both channels you wanted to watch are digital channels, you're sunk since you'd need two cable boxes to do that.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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