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Comcast DCX3400M DVR not good enough for the wife. Considering TIVO. Going crazy!

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First of all my wife is in charge of the DVR so I must heed her wishes or pay the price... Ok here's the dealio...

Dumped Dish after 8 years. Why? Crap equipment. The 722 crapped out after 2 years and this was our 2nd one! We are always sending back faulty boxes, thus losing the wife's shows that were recorded. Women get really pissed when that heppens.. Unfortunately the GUI and DVR options Dish has can't be beat in her eyes. Here's a list of what we had and need. Then what comcast has. Then on to my questions about Tivo.

Dish 722k w. sling adapter controlling the master and our bedroom TV's
Dish 622 controlling Den and Garage TV's. (Yes..I like to watch stuff while I pay bills and work on my cars)

1.) We need a min of 60 hrs HD and 300 std recording capability
2.) We need to be able to set recordings and pause live TV on the Bedroom and den TV's

What we loved about dish was all of the above plus and great GUI. Comcast's GUI and navigation sucks. And here's what we got through them.

DCX3400M Any room DVR.
1.) Can't control the DVR from remote TV's (even though there's a box that you HAVE to have connected to it. For example, We could control everything on the master TV box from our bedroom and there was NO box connected to it)
2.) Can't pause live TV from the den, bedroom or garage TV's. (Because if you watch those TV's you'll never have to piss or answer the phone right???)
3.) There are a plethra of other restrictions on DVR and TV navigation that are confusing or cumbersome. Also glitchy pausing and functions that are not consistant. I.E. only being able to puase live tv for 15 min. Dish gave us 2 hours with the 722k and 1 hour with the old technology of the 622!
4.)Comcast only tells you what percentage of the DVR is used. Dish told you the hours and minutes that were used. We liked that better. Who wants to do percentages in their head? Not me.

My choices are

1.) Keep comcast and listen to 2 years of complaining
2.) Ditch comcast with the 30 day moneyback guarantee and return to Dish kissing their asses.
3.) Get a Tivo and send back the comcast DVR.
4.) DirecTV is not an option.
5.) Burn down my house and everything in it. (Not including my wife.. Cmon now I love ol the ball and chain..)

What I need to know is if I bought the Elite model with 4 tuners; can each of those tuners be hooked up to my other 3 TVs via different channels (dish uses 3 and 75 or 60 for their dual tuners) and can those other tv's in my house control their respective dvr tuners and pause/rewind live TV as well? And will tivo give me 4 remotes? Or do I still need 4 dvrs and 4 boxes?
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Nope.... While TIVO Elite can record 4 channels at the same time, it only has 1 live TV output. So, you would need separate TIVO DVR's if you want to watch different channels of live TV at the same time.
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