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Comcast CS Price Trickery or not?

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I purchased a TiVo Premiere and am currently waiting for it to arrive. I called Comcast customer service to find out about a Cablecard and at first the gal at cs told me it would be $1.50 a month for a Multi Stream CableCard then she said oh wait is it HD? I said yes but my monthly cable plan is not an HD it's just standard digital and she said it would be an additional $8.95 a month on top of the $1.50 she mentioned prior even though we are not on an HD cable plan and I will not be getting any HD programming. Am I getting screwed on that additional $8.95 charge? Excuse the language please.

The only thing I can figure is maybe there are two different kinds of Multi Stream CableCards and my TiVo has to take a HD type CableCard isntead of a SD type and so they charge more a month for it? I hope that's the case cause if they plan on charging me for HD that I'm not getting I'm going to be steamed. And I am certainly not being forced to upgrade to an HD monthly plan just because I have a TiVo HD box cause I don't even own an HD TV so why the heck would I pay for that service. I don't know something smells fishy to me.

Anyway, what do you think?
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The first CableCard is supposed to be free. If you don't have any of the Comcast settop boxes, you should also get deduction to your account, which is dependent on your area, you can find out what is should be here. As far at the HD technology fee, that is for the settop box you don't have. There is a dedicated thread about Comcast, that you might find useful.
Excellent that was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much danjw1. :)
Do you have a Comcast box now. If you do the $8.95 might be a outlet fee.
A link I missed is this one, when I send a message this way with my account number and what the problem is, they will usually get it fixed. Also, some suggest tweeting Comcast, that is supposed to be a good way to resolve issues.
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