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comcast cablecard help

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I just got a tivo premier and picked up a cablecard sik from comcast the other day. I am not receiving all channels now. For example, 106-110, 111-114,117,120-124 etc.
Anybody have this same issue or any advice. I did call comcast and they obviously where no help.

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It's not provisioned/subscribed correctly. Comcast does not understand two tuners on the same outlet. I had WAAAAAAY too many hours on the phone with Comcast trying to tell them this and half a dozen truck rolls including an inventory trip by Comcast. One device on the same outlet does not compute. My bill is a mess, but everything now works and I'm being charged correctly FAIK. Additional outlet fees were being charged before. Their system can handle it. I now have three AO's free of charge on my account. You have to get someone from Comcast who knows Tivo to get it straight. Additonal outlet, $0 charge on the same cablecard is key, I think. Call them and discuss the situation and make sure they try different things on their system. It may change again after the 30- or 60-day automatic system sweep. Be persistent and patient.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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