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Comcast cable cards

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I had Comcast come out on wed the 27th to "install" a cable card in a new premiere box. When they left after about 4 hours, and 2 trips I had no premium channels. I have been on the phone with them since Wednesday trying to resolve it. They have given me every excuse why its not them from I did not have internet in my house so my Tivos were not set up properly to Tivo needs to send a signal to my boxes to unlock the decoding. I am 100% sure they were not paired correctly and I can not seem to get anyone at Comcast to either come out and reset and repair them, or have me do it over the phone with them. The last rep I spoke with advised that the pairing info I have on screen does not match what is on the account, however she has to forward it to a help desk person. This was last night at 6pm. I am still with out channels. Anyone know who to contact at Comcast that can get things done correctly? Oh and they wont come to the house because the first and only tech that came out told them we don't have the Tivo set up correctly and its a waste of time to return.:mad:
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Give TIVO Tech support a call and ask if they can arrange a conference call between you, them and Comcast second tier (TIVO has a direct number that we don't have).
You don't have internet in the house?? Do you?
You don't have internet in the house?? Do you?
This is correct. your new TIVO units *must* have some connection back to the mother ship. Either hardwired ethernet to each one, or the WiFi adapter on each one or else a phone line on each one that is capable of supporting a 2400 bps "modem" call. (Skype & MagicJack won't work for this, but Vonage will)

Here is how I ot my Comcast problem solved (as posted in another thread):

One thing that you can do is to call the Comcast Cares hotline which should be somewhere on their web pages. There is usually just one person at each Comcast office who knows the secret incantations to get cable cards to work properly. Most head end technicians know nothing about it. In my case, it took 3 visits - the first 2 were with people who knew nothing. The last took only 5 minutes once the right person was located at the head end. It had something to do with getting the 'outlets' listed in the right order. These are not physical outlets,but the way things are listed on your account.

I asked Comcast Cares why the one person who knows how to do this doesn't document it for everyone else. I got an answer that they would look into this.

Good luck.
that was exactly my experience as well - no one could get it to work until I contacted Comcast Cares and they sent their head tech out to my house - even then he had some problems until he was able to talk to a certain person at the head end

comcast cares is your friend
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