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Combine Analog cable and Converter Box Composite inputs?

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Is it possible to set up my Series 2 so that it will accept both the analog cable for channels under 100 and digital channels over 100 from my Cox HD DVR?

You may ask, why? Because I am in transition...I would like to record HD shows this fall but am not ready to spring for an S3. So the temporary solution I'm hoping will work is:

1. Split the cable.

2. Connect one cable to Tivo and the other to the Cox HD DVR.

3. Set Tivo up so it looks for analog stations on its coax input but gets digital shows (over channel 100) over composite connections to the DVR.

Of course, the DVR will have to be dedicated to playing the show that the Tivo wants at the same time. I assume this can be controlled with the Tivo's IR emitter.

The goal here is to allow the Tivo to record digital stations without having to buy a second converter.


Thanks in advance,

Rob from AZ
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Having one DVR (TiVo) control another DVR won't work.
Let the TiVo record the analog and then the cable DVR record anything else.
I would prefer to do that but there is one show on channel 143 that my wife likes to watch and it only can be watched by her on the Tivo (long story).

So I guess I could record those shows on the Cox DVR and then archive them in real time to the Tivo...but that will take a while.

Could I instead just continue to use the Cox DVR as my source, and just be careful not to try use it when the DVR itself is recording? It's a tap dance but it should work, shouldn't it?
Set up the DVR for satellite and cable, if there is a satellite provider with that channel, and manually tune the cable box.
That's a great idea, classicsat! It turns out that the show that she watches on COX cable 143 airs at the same time on DirecTV 250. So I'll just program for the show on TIVO on "satellite 250" but program the DVR for COX 143.

And, I guess, I'll restrict all the channels on TIVO above 100 to just the one on 250 to keep things simple. That way nothing will come through from the DVR except the one I want.

Make sense?
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