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Cold Case 5/22/2005 (S02E23) "The Woods"

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John Billingsley was back as George Marks in a pretty good episode. Although, I do have trouble believing that Rush would go back to the house alone without backup.
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Well, Rush went and made that "Mind Hunters" movie, so obviously she's not as smart as she thinks she is. :D

I know, I know, Kathryn Morris was in the movie and Lily Rush is only her character here. I thought it'd be funny.
I'm reasonably certain that's one of the creepiest serial killers portrayed on TV. He was excellent in this role, and even the way he spoke his words freaked me out a little.
I thought it was a pretty good episode myself, that guy just crept me out.
I really enjoyed this episode. I think it's Billingsley's voice that makes it so eerie. So calm, so soothiing, so homicidal :eek:
I really enjoyed Phlox's cold creepy delivery. Priceless. It was a shame they couldn't carry it a few more episodes. Creepy that he was raped, and offered up by his own Mother, eeeewwww.
I'm not sure I enjoyed it, but it certainly was good. I get chills just thinking about creepy serial killer dude.
I've been searchin the net for a copy of this episode, does anyone know where I'd find the torrent for 'The Woods', or be interested in selling a copy? I've buy the whole season, but CBS won't release the bloody DVD... Cheers
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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