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Coal - Padding may be required

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I recorded Coal last night and it began with a bloodied man talking about something not related to coal mining. Turns out to have wrestling right before it and it went over about three minutes. I am padding the SP by 15 minutes forcing it to record at a different time. Of course, like all basic cable shows, this thing has multiple episodes.
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I recorded the 11pm airing on Wednesday and it started 10 minutes EARLY so I recorded the airing you mentioned and, like you said, it was 3 minutes late. WTF?
not on topic, but gametrailers.tv airs at such varying times that I think I have 4 minutes pre-pad and 5 minutes post-pad, and once in a while STILL miss part of it. That's the weirdest one I can think of... Most of the time noways it's just "add a minute to the end of every Discovery channel show, and add a minute pre-and-post for any other show if I don't have conflicts"...
I managed to get my Coal about a minute late with plenty of padding. I have noticed that some shows just don't start on time. I don't think it is the clock in my Tivo since most shows are on time.
I think there was a live UFC event that ran long. Hopefully future airings will be more on time.
That is exactly what was happening. I did not know this at the time I created the SP, that Spike even had wrestling on it. I expect sports to be on ESPN not SYFY and Spike.
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