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My HDVR2 was responding slowly, so I rebooted. Still slow, so I decided to do the erase and reset from the menu.

All was going fine, the unit came up with "Cleaning and deleting..." screen with the "about an hour" message. Several hours later, it was still there, red light on the unit flashing... then BAM! SoCal Edison dumps my power! Of course the unit said "Do not unplug" but I had no choice, the whole neighborhood dumped.

When the power came back, it went from "Welcome. Powering up..." to the "Cleaning and deleting..." screen, where it's been for the past day and a half.

Did the power failure "brick" the unit? Am I hosed, since it dumped in the middle of a read/write operation?

Any suggestions are welcome at this point. Help! :(

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Probably the hard drive was nearing failure point anyway.

Sound advice about having it connected to a UPS. Can't imagine not using one.

Replacement drives are dirt cheap.
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