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Great fun.

"Eye's front soldier" :D

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Whenever it came back from commercial, there was a red rectangle in the bottom left of the screen, before the NBC bug showed up. Anybody else?

ETA: it's showing up on Heroes, too.

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Very fun episode! The Fed-ex thing definitely was unexpected and made me laugh.

Also the line "If I miss one more shift I'll get fired!" as Sarah was changing in the back seat was very funny to me for some reason. :D

I would have been sorely tempted for a romp with Karina.

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I thought this was the best episode so far. Lots of fun.

Hot spy girls in little black dresses - what's not to like?

I wish they'd use Adam Baldwin more, though.

Loved when Chuck dropped the fedex box down the chute: "what?"

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Fun episode and loved the ski doo coming out of the ocean for corrina, very bond like.

My god that bad guy was hairy.

I wouldn't mind seeing more Adam Baldwin either, but the show seems aimed at geeky guys that want hot chicks.

What was the game they were playing in the beginning?
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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