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Charmed - 2/21

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One pass is not working, they have the cast from the 1998 version listed.
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Are they losing their minds at Tivo? All of a sudden, during the season, they move the new Charmed series over to the original one?!
The next two Sundays the guide has the correct titles and descriptions, but the wrong series.
I've had to create a new-only season pass for the original Charmed series just to pick up the next two new episodes of the current series.
All this guide babysitting is getting tiresome.

eta: Another observation, both new episodes of Batwoman and Charmed have an OAD of 2/20/21, not 2/21/21. Where did they get that data from?
one pass didn't pick it up, and it asks me if i want to create a new pass, so the series ID must be the problem, which then maps onto the wrong underlying data to display in the description. I can think of no excuses for this.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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