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Channels missing in guide?

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We had some weather yesterday that rebooted our living room HDVR2. When it came back up, it said something about incomplete information from the satellite, but I didn't pay it that much attention.

Today I see that the on-screen guide doesn't list any channels below 200. I can put in "13" and go to channel 13, but the guide doesn't show it. I ran guided setup and the satellite setup, but no difference.

I checked our bedroom HDVR2, and it is okay. How do I get the channels listed on the other one again? I called D* but got stuck in voice navigation hell and gave up.

Thanks in advance!
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You must call directv and have them refresh local channels for( give them the access card number) they sent a signal thru the satellite and local channels reappear. It used to be you could do this on their website but they did a good job of hiding it and I don't know the current location. Good Luck
The location of the refresh option is under Customer Service.
Thank You
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