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Sometime between a week ago and 2 weeks ago, my DVR started changing channels incorrectly. For the most part, they seem to drop the first digit from the 3 digit channel number.

I have a TiVo brand box, and a DirecTV Hughes GAEBOA model. The code given to me was 10020-medium (which I'm guessing is 10020-B, since all I get is A,B or C). None of the 10020 codes change it right - it gets the 2 digit or 1 digit channels 80-90% of the time, but has lately been almost never getting the 3 digit channels.

I am using the IR channel changer, set up the way it is supposed to be. I moved the second emitter to the top, since it was sitting next to the one on the bottom for all this time - it worked fine there until a week or two ago.

Any suggestions? I don't believe I have a serial cable that works with this, and everything I've tried has done no better than rarely getting 3 digit channels (like 10% of the time) and sometimes getting 1 or 2 digit channels (60-80% now). Troubleshooter doesn't help, and the automatic setup was worthless - it is so inconsistent, it comes back that it can't figure out how to change my channels.

Also, I tried following the thread that searching for GAEB0A gave me, but it didn't help. It was the only hit for GAEB0A, and the info I found for GAEB0 didn't help either.

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