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Channel Logo Range ?

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Hey all. I started poking around my TiVo looking for a quick way to download all of the channel logos (for a project I am working on). Using this PHP code:
for ($i = 65000;$i < 66000;$i++) {
	$imageData = implode('', file('http://xx.xx.xx.xx/ChannelLogo/logo-' . $i . '.png'));
	$length = strlen($imageData);

	if ($length > 0) {
		if (($fh = fopen('channels/logo-' . $i . '.png', 'w'))) {
			fwrite($fh, $imageData);
I was able to download the PNGs pretty quickly. I'm pretty sure I am missing more logos.

Does anyone know the complete range of numbers for the logos ? or how one would go about determining it ?

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