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Channel lineup not being (re)set by guided setup.

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I have new TivoHD, I connected my cable to it and ran the guided setup. Everything was good, I could see all my SD channels (cable cards come later in the week).

I know that some of the HD channels are on my cable in the clear, because I can hook the cable directly to my TV, do a scan, and then get a few of the HD channels (abc, nbc, etc) on channels like 83.112, 83.115 etc.

So I wanted to see what Tivo would find. So I told it it do a channel scan. It found over 300 channels (most of which are encrypted I'm guessing). After the scan I told it to add all found channels. So now I have 300 channels in my lineup. I wanted to step through them, one by one and find the HD in the clear channels.

Well -- that experiment failed, I didn't find any of the HD channels that my TV can get with it's tuner. So I wanted to get rid of all these channels.

I re-ran guided setup. But after going through it all, I still have all these channels. I expected to see only 2-99 or so of the analog channels that I saw when I first ran setup. I did it again, just to be sure, and same result -- I have all my channels plus the 250+ that it found during the scan.

So now I'm wondering if "clear everything" is my only choice. I have nothing on this tivo yet -- so that would not be a problem. I could just step through and un-check them, but then they would still be in the line up.

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There's an option under Settings->Channels somewhere to erase all scanned channels.
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