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Channel guide - "To be announced"

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I have an S3 with Cablevision in CT, and am having trouble with various channels. Sometimes certain channels don't come in and resetting the Tivo fixes it. However, in the channel guide many channels say "To be announced" even if the channel is working properly, and I can't see upcoming programs either. The Tivo has no problem successfully calling in via my wireless network and the network is working so I don't know why the program information is not showing up.

Any ideas?


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I'm having the same problem with an HD S3 in Florida. I Have a Series 2 installed in another room and it gets all the channels. The Antenna Channels do get the information though. Any ideas?
When you enter your zipcode on zap2it.com, do you see guide information on those channels? If so, you should re-run guided setup.

You usually have to re-run guided setup after you (a) add an antenna to a cable installation, (b) add cable to an antenna installation, or (c) install Cablecards.
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