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Channel Frozen

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hi there,
I am currently running a tivo series 2 and this morning I turned on my tv to find that few of my channels are frozen. few of my channels are in the paused state where as others are playing just fine. I restarted by tivo thinking maybe it might fix it but it didn't. can any one help me out here?

also nothing's recording right now....
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coaxial cable.... (that's what you wanted to know right?)
initially I thought it was HD failure but if thatw ere the case, all the channels or the entire system should have been frozen. here's only a few channels are frozen, where as the others are running fine.
Is there any pattern in what channels are frozen? List them for us. I assume they are okay if you connect the cable directly to the TV!

I agree that if it were the hard drive then all channels would show the same problem. I know you restarted it, but try it again.
here are the few channels that are frozen...
11 -- NBC
31 -- Comedy Central
32 -- VH1
33 -- BET
41 & 41 -- Nickolodean (sp.?) & Cartoon Network
55 -- Discovery Channel (this one being frozen, ruined my sunday afternoon)
56 -- Animal Planet (this one being frozen, ruined my sunday afternoon)

yes, when cable is plugged directly into the TV, the channels worked fine

Initially, I thought that maybe the cable channel are the ones acting up. then I realized NBC and and one of the other local channels are frozen too.

did restart the system but the same thing's going on. this is weird!!!
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Are those channels always frozen?

I'll have to leave this for others who may have seen or heard about this problem.
the freezing thing just started this morning. they were never frozen before...
yup... they work fine as always. no problems there
I had the same problem on two tivo boxes yesterday. I'm not sure which channels were involved but there were a few different ones. Everything seems to be working fine today though.
I had the same exact problem on the same exact Channels on Comcast. Called Comcast and they were aware of the problem, it was resolved 15 minutes later...not sure of the cause.
This seemed to happen with all of Comcast yesterday. I called my in-laws, who don't have a TiVo, just to be sure. We both had over 20 channels frozen for over an hour. This was on standard analog cable. Good thing I'm switching to FiOS and a S3 TiVo in 3 weeks!
I have cablevision and am having this exact issue - is there anything going on you can passs along? It only happens on some channels...
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