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I have searched the forums and cobbled together some good info. Here is my situation. My new Tivo seems to be working pretty well but a few times it seems to have recorded a channel other than the one I asked. I am having no trouble changing channels with the Tivo remote when I do it manually. I have built an IR tent and covered my cable box. when I look in the "now playing" section the show I wanted is listed and the info is correct, however it has recorded some other channel. Also, when I change channels manaully, I get a blue tivo screen with some instructions on it. This screen lasts on a fraction of a second and I cannot read it, then the channel seems to change fine. Here are my settings;

1) motorola DCT2224 cable box
2 Tivo series 2 software 7.2
3) ir blasters set one on top one on bottom pointing at the cable box ir port.
4) black cloth covering the cable box ir port and both ir-blasters
5) ir code 10006-B
6) channel chaning set to "5" as in using no zeros
7) not using "enter"

Does these look Ok, and any other solutions to my problem?

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I am in no way an expert, but we had similar problems with our new Tivo last year and my husband scoured these forums looking for solutions.

We got rid of the black cloth and the other two things that worked for us:

1. Removing the top IR controller
2. Moving the IR controller slightly farther away from the receiver box thing

I don't know if this will help you or not, but that's what worked for us. Hopefully some more knowledgeable people will chime in as they have time.

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clovis8, I have almost the exact setup you do, and I am also seeing the same kinds of issues with channels. I'm not sure how you got "channel changing set to '5' as in using no zeros", because my options only go to 4.

I've been trying this (differences to your list):
1) ir blasters set both on top pointing at the cable box ir port. I tried this because the one on the bottom looked like it might be blocked by the plastic housing.
2) small ardboard box lined with tin foil covering the cable box ir port and both ir-blasters
3) ir code 10006-A
4) channel chaning set to "3", using leading zeros

The rest of your settings are the same as mine. I'm monitoring how things work. I find the most finicky thing is getting the ir blasters positioned right.
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