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I finally figured out what was wrong with my tivo - don't laugh. I didn't have long distance! I signed up and everything works just fine now EXCEPT the fact that when I go to change a channel it will drop the first or last number. for example if I want to watch Law and Order SVU on channel 242, more often than not I will end up with 42 instead, which sucks because if I want to record while I'm at work, I can't find out if it's on the right channel or not. How do I fix this? I have my tivo hooked up to a hughes directv box, and IR cable.

Thanks :)
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I've been having a TERRIBLE problem with channel changing and I have no ideas because it is BOTH of my Tivos, both completely different models ... One a Tivo brand stand alone and the other a Toshiba Tivo/DVD player, AND they are both hooked up to different model Motorola cable boxes (serial cable).

Anybody know what's up? Is it the current software?

It is maddening when it goes to 2 or 3 different channels before it finally lands on the right one and sometimes it doesn't. Then you try to just punch in the right channel number and it doesn't move because it thinks it is on the right one! :mad: So you have to go back to the former channel and hit 'enter' again to go to the channel you were supposed to go to. This has gotten really chronic!
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