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Hey all

Yesterday, randomly, my TiVo stopped being able to show live TV. It would just show a blue screen, telling me to try various fixes. I tried them all, no dice.

I called TiVO, and it seems as though my TiVo was setup to use Composite (red/white/yellow) cables, even though we have been using the coaxial (thick black cable) connection. This worked fine for like 6 months, and randomly, yesterday, the TiVo decided it could no longer see the coaxial connection. It wants the composite connection.

According to the woman on the phone, you cannot change this setting without going through "guided setup" - which totally deletes everything.

Is there a way to tell my TiVo to use Coaxial without deleting everything?

I'm (temporarily) using my DVD player's composite cable, and it works. But, I want it back to working as it did. I could just go buy another cable, but I have like no money and it was working fine. So, why should I have to.

Anyone know a wy to get things working, as they were?


Matthew Marshall

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Guided setup does not totally delete everything. the only thing it affects is anything that it specifically asks for such as zip code, dialing prefix, cable lineup and connections to the Tivo itself. All of your recordings and all of your settings will remain as is.

The only thing that totally deletes everything is a "Clear & Delete Everything"
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