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Change from monthly to yearly?

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I got a tivo for my birthday, and I'm planning on setting it up with the 1 year monthly plan, but I know that for christmas the same person is planning on giving me a prepaid one year for the tivo. When this happens will the new plan replace my old contract, or will I have to finish out the one year monthly before having the one year pre-paid. Or will the prepaid start in december and then in the following december I would revert back to the monthly?

Sorry if that's a little confusing. I'm a little confused!! :)
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anybody ever change your contract? how does it work?
See this link for for details. It looks like a gift card is only valid for new subscriptions. Since you have an already activated TiVo, the unit may not qualify as a new subscription since you already have service on the box.


See the * at the bottom of the page.

Also read the TiVo gift card Terms and Conditions here...


At the end of your 1 year, you can cancel your subscription, then "re-activate" the same unit with the gift card you receive for Christmas.

Others may chime in, but this is how I think it will work for you.
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well, I haven't activated it yet, cause I was waiting for info on this, so I guess I'll just wait for Christmas then.

You should call TiVo Customer Service to find out what your options are. It would be a shame to have a perfectly good box sit unused for the next 4 months. You miss out on the TiVo experience and there are warranty issues.

Check back here at this forum, maybe someone can provide you with an alternative solution.
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