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Celebrity Fit Club

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I only watch the first one, but I heard clips of the latest one on Howard Stern, and apparently Jeff Conway, of Taxi fame, is a whacked out, druggy who gets into a verbal exchange with the colonel.

I gotta catch this one. Anyone see it? Oh yeah, Kelly Lebrock, oh my!

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Jeff Conway is making Gary Busey look normal.
Jeff, Gary, Willie...they always have that role to fill. They do an excellent psych eval before these shows so they get the unstable ones.

When the DR asks what medical problems etc the people have..makes me wonder. Don't they give these people full workups? They should know if someone has a bum knee etc even if just for liability purposes.

I loved seeing the outtakes of how bad jeff messed up the opening.

I still wonder how much these people are getting paid to fly to CA every few days/weeks or whatever the time is?
You forgot that "benadryl" is responsible for all his strange actions, slurred words, etc.... I wonder how many times he is going to say that ?
Anyone notice they didn't explain why Bizarre wasn't there for the Outrigger event?!? I wonder if he punked out being afraid of water, or was he in jail or something?!?

They didn't jump on him at all about that.
They said Biz missed his plane from Atlanta to I assume somehere in California.
I was wondering if they purposely cast someone as the insane guy. They certainly got a good one in Jeff Conaway.
I have never once watched this show but I happened to catch this episode. Wow, Jeff is totally insane. So much so that I've been hooked into a Season Pass!
all your first timers...it's gonna be hard to beat willie ames or mr baldwin....will had extreme rage..worse than jeff if you ask me....and baldwin just was on drugs etc

are these 'stars' stupid coming on here like that?
I didnt' see the first Fit Club... Which Baldwin was on?
Magister said:
I didnt' see the first Fit Club... Which Baldwin was on?
He was on the first. Dropped out of the last show, he said he was high and was lying to everyone. I kinda felt bad because he knew he had screwed up.
Magister said:
I didnt' see the first Fit Club... Which Baldwin was on?
Magister said:
I didnt' see the first Fit Club... Which Baldwin was on?
They all look alike!

Are they on the 2nd or 3rd show of the season? I think I missed one somewhere. I thought Kelly LeBrock didn't look all that bad (she's 5'8") but I bet she'll look great once she starts dropping the weight. I also think that Chastity Bono will do well in this show.
I think Kelly looks better in form-fitting clothes (i.e. the workout clothes in her profile) than the baggy crap she wears to try to cover up.
I'm rooting for Chastity Bono. So far, she seems to have the best attitude and desire. I think Crazy Man this season definately beats Willie Ames and Baldwin from earlier seasons. The Snapple Lady is finally gone...
My TiVo screwed up the finale and I lost the last half hour. I don't see any reruns coming up and can't find it on Bit Torrent. Does anyone know if they're going to air this again?
I just watched the finale last nite and deleted it. It was on my tivo for the longest time. Right now they're repeated last year's CFC. I guess I won't post about the finale since you haven't seen it.
I appreciate that. I don't know why TiVo thought that I would want to see the last half hour of the Flava Flav show before CFC. I'm really bummed. It cut out just as Gunnar was stepping up.
well there was a bit of unfairness during the finale anyway..sort of left a bad taste in my mouth with their point addition
ok, no spoilers, but only because it's you.

Overall I liked Chastity. I had expected her to lose more weight, but I really liked her attitude and especially the encouragement to others. I liked her snarking on Gunnar too. :D

Kelly LeBrock, whoa, mama. I thought she looked good when the show started, but wow, just wow. She really did work hard.

Countess - Get her lazy fat liposuctioned arse off my screen.

Tempestt, uuggghhh, she was cute on the Cosby show, what happened? :rolleyes:

I thought the rest pretty much carried themselves.
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