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TerpBE said:
I bought a Cavalry eSATA drive a few months ago. I soon had freezing, pixelation, and reboots. I initially thought it was all due to the Cavalry drive, but then I realized that my S3 hard drive was failing (after disconnecting the Cavalry). So I got a replacement S3 and hooked the drive to it.

Now I getting occasional reboots with the green "this will take 3 hours" screen. I've tried reseating the drive and reversing the cable, but every few days it still reboots, so I have a problem with my Cavalry.

For those who've had this problem, what is the source of it - the drive itself, the enclosure, or the cable? If it's the enclosure, it might be easier to just get a different type and throw the drive into it. I would send the drive back to Cavalry, but somehow my "do not remove this" sticker got damaged.

Any advice? Do I need a new drive, enclosure, or cable?
You might try "divorcing" the Cavalry drive and running that way for a few days to confirm it is not a bad drive in the S3 again.
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