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Cascaded Multiswitches

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I have two multiswitches which I am cascading. One is a powered Channel Master and the other is a non powered Spaun.

Should I hook the powered or non powered to the LNBs on the dish?

I hooked it up with the original non powered Spaun to the LNBs and the powered Channel Master cascaded from a pair on the Spaun. It seems to work OK.
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Need more information ...

* type of dish (round single LNB, oval triple LNB)?
* brand/model of each multiswitch?
Single round dish with double LNB
Channel Master 6328IFD
Spaun MS281F

Currently using 6 of the Spaun Outputs for DTiVos and the 7,8 pair to feed the Channel Master. Using 6 outputs on the Channel Master for DTiVos. Yeah I know whatcha doin' with all those DTiVos. Smiling all the time.
OK. Yes, your connection scheme should work fine. It is, right?
Yes the cascade is working fine. Thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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