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Cascade Two 4x8 Multiswitches?

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Is it possible to cascade two 4x8 multiswitches?

Here is what I have:

Eagle Aspen 4x8
Zinwell 4x8

I am looking to add additional outlets upstairs, as I have stolen lines from two rooms to run two directivos in other rooms. What I would like to do is take the four lines provided by the 4x8 multiswitch (Eagle Aspen outside) to the attic, and run them to another 4x8 (Zinwell in the Attic). I would then like to distribute two lines to each room. Is this possible?

I have read through other posts, but I am still confused.
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Assuming they are "cascadable", yes you can do that. You will have a total of 12 outputs to work with.
They models are as follows:

Zinwell SAM4803 (want to use this one in the attic)
Eagle Aspen DTV4X8 (already in use outside)

Does anyone know if in fact these switches are cascadeable? Just want to make sure, due to the amount of crawling in the attic.
Yes they are.
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