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I don't know when this problem started because it's been a while since I've extracted recordings from my TiVo, but it seems that the EIA closed captions that accompany most programs are being garbled when the files are extracted. The captions are fine when the program is played directly on the TiVo, but when the program is extracted from the Tivo and viewed in a player like VLC, mpv, or IINA, the captions are scrambled, with many transposed and missing character sequences. If the captions are extracted from the files with ccextractor they're garbled in exactly the same way.

At first I thought it was a kmttg issue but the exact same thing happens when cTivo is used to extract the files, and also when I download the .TiVo file directly from the TiVo in a web browser and decode it with a command-line tool (tivodecode).

This is happening with recordings both on a Roamio and on an Edge, with both new and old recordings, and with both SD and HD. My provider is Verizon FiOS.

I don't know what's going on. Is anyone else seeing this? Is there a workaround, some way to correct the issue? Since the captions play fine on the TiVo itself I'm hoping there's a way to extract the recordings that avoids this problem, or some way to unscramble the captions when the files have been extracted (perhaps with some unusual options passed to ccextractor).
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