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cant transfer programs

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just as the title says
the tivo desktop will not transfer any files from the tivo series 3 box to my computer.
i keep getting the system cannot find the file specified.
i dont have the bonjour program on my computer. didnt know i needed it.
would this be the problem?
thank you for the help.
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tivo desktop 2.8 is what i have.
Can you see the program list on your desktop app?
Are your videos perhaps on a mapped network drive? If so, then those mappings are invalid for the tivo desktop services. Letter mappings are only known to your session and services run as independent processes - not a part of your session.

Instead of using drive letters, you need to specify the directories using the \\server\path notation.
in response to stuxnet:
the shows are in the list of the software.
not sure about a mapped network drive
this might be a lot to ask, but could you explain how to go about fixing this.
if i dont get back right away it is because i will be away from civilization for awhile. upon my return, i will test and confirm whether or not the process works.
i thank you in advance:)
If you don't know what a mapped drive letter is, then that's probably not the issue - most likely you would have had to set up the mapping yourself.

However, I guess the basic question is what drive are the videos on. For example, the main hard drive on your PC is drive C. Some PC's also have a D (and some have more). These internal drives (and even external USB drives) are known by the same drive letters throughout ypur system - by all services and users.

If however, you have a network drive set up, you would need to map this network drive to a drive letter so that you can access it somewhat normally from your PC. The problem is that this mapping takes place when you log in. The problem is there are processes, tivo desktop being among them, that are always running - even if you're not logged in. These processes do not run with your identity and hence do not have access to the same drive letters as you would use interactively.

You can still use these drives within tivo desktop, you just need to use an alternate notation. Instead of m:\media\videos, for example, you might have to enter \\server\media\videos. It all depends on your server name and the directories that you have set up.
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