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I'm having trouble tansferring certain files from my PC to my TiVo. I'm running Vista with TiVo desktop 2.5 plus installed. Other files transfer just fine, but when I try and transfer this one particular file the tivo says "the file was deleted to make room for other recordings". This happens all the time, even when I'm not recording anything at the moment. I tried deleting some files off the TiVo to see if that made some room for it, but nothing changed.

Any ideas?

just for info the file is encoded with Divx-3 low motion codec. That should be recognized by the software right?

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Sounds like a similar problem experienced by the pyTiVo and TiVo.Net guys ... the transferring system (in your case TiVo Desktop 2.5) sends an estimated file size to the TiVo, but for some reason when the transfer is complete and the real size is larger, the box deletes the recording thinking it needs to make room for a future recording.

Can you watch the recording while it's transferring? That'll at least tell you if it's being transcoded and sent across correctly.

I'll call you a noob if it'll make you feel better. :cool:
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