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I am having problems now...

My TiVo's do not show up anymore when I go into a video or tv show to buy it. I have tried to re-register my Tivo's using the "Register Now" button found on the Amazon unbox site. I put in my Amazon password and it takes me to a place where it asks me for my TiVo "Manage my Account" password. I enter the password for Tivo manage my account and I get this reply: "Sorry, your TiVo account is already linked to an Amazon account. Only one Amazon account may be linked to your TiVo account.". How do I re-register my Tivo's with my Amazon account. I have no idea why they would have gotten messed up. I have made no changes to my Tivo account or DVR names.

Some times when it asks me to enter my Tivo manage my account password, it sends me to a "404 - Document Not Found" page.

I would like to rent some movies, but cannot until this is resolved. I have also tried to use the remote and DVR to download and I have no idea what the PIN is. I tried reseting the PIN and once it asks me to enter my Tivo manage my account password, it always comes back "The value you just entered is not valid" even though I know the password is correct.
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