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djstix said:
I just bought a new Tivo HD and upgraded the hard drive to 500GB using winMFS with no problems. I had Charter from Newtown Connecticut come out and they installed two Scientific Atlanta single stream cable cards.
I can receive almost all of my premium channels (HBO, Showtime ) except MaxHD, StarzHD, UNIHD and TNTHD where i get the MMI screen and a notice "to activate this service please call your cable provider". The screen shows a cablecard number and a host ID.
I researched this on Tivo's web site and i have verified that the cards are not "paired" with my TivoHD and therefore will not receive these particular channels because they are copy protected.
I have had two very long phone calls with Charter who are clueless and have no idea what i mean by "pairing" the cards. At one point they said Tivo would have to do it. (BTW they seem to gave offshored their support to the Phillipines).
They are now insisting a need a technician to come to my house since the cards cannot be paired over the phone - does anyone know if this is just BS?

Thanks in advance
Assuming you are supposed to get those channels, that is absolutely BS - I can GUARANTEE all the tech will do is call someone in activation. He WILL NOT be able to do anything on site other than read the values needed for pairing that you can read yourself to someone on the other end of the phone.

"Pairing" is a CableCARD 101 term - if the CSR doesn't understand it, ask to be transfered to a CableCARD and/or activation specialist. If that fails, ask for someone in the head end.

If you have to, print this thread and hand it to the tech:

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