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I had a similar problem with Charter-- after a week and a half of receiving all the channels I had asked for, suddenly, I lost ESPN2, UHD, TNTHD, and a couple of others.... I tried having the online chat video group re-hit the cards a few times-- no luck.... They then tried to schedule a truck roll....

On a whim, I called in to explain my problem-- The CSR said there was no record of my subscribing to those channels... They didn't even know I had cable cards.... despite getting all the channels I subscribed to for almost two weeks, two truck rolls to get the cards working (and one missed appt) and then having the video group hit them after the truck roll to get them working, and then re-hit them a few times for the current problem....

Anyway, once I had I CSR convinced I knew what I was talking about, She re-subscribed me to everything I wanted, and had me up and running again in a couple of minutes...

I suggest calling to confirm that the channels you THINK you subscribe to, and what they have on record match.... Good luck!
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