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Can't play shows on desktop - Codecs error msg.

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Sorry if this has been covered! I'm a newbie!

I transferred TV programs to my desktop from Tivo and when I try to play them in Windows Media Player version 10 I get a missing codecs error message. I'm not sure what codecs I need or if I need a plugin for WMP. Does anyone know where to get them? Is this something that has to be paid for?

Thanks! :rolleyes:

Update: it appears that I need a plugin for WMP with a compatible codec to convert MPEG-2 files. Cyberlink and Roxio have it for $15 and Tivo has the expanded software for $25.

If anyone has any alternatives, I would still love to hear it! I am getting a new computer in the next few months and would prefer not to pay for the software until I get the new machine. :D
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