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Cannot use on screen keyboard to log into Disney+

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I have been using Disney+ on my stream 4k without issues. Today when i opened it, it ask me to log in. I know this may happen time to time. However, when i get to the screen to put in my email/username, I click on it and the on screen keyboard does not come up.

Te other option it said is to open up the disney+ app on a mobile device connected to same network. I did that but it didn't do anything.

I didn't have a BT keyboard, so finally had to download a BT keyboard app on my phone to mimick a BT keyboard.
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There is an app you can install on your phone/tablet that will allow it to act as the keyboard. On iOS it's just called "android TV".
Go to Settings, Device Preferences, Keyboard and Manage keyboards and make sure everything is checked
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