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I am running a series 1 tivo with OzTivo image. Everything was working 100% for a long time, then I stopped using the Tivo for a while. I recently restored the image back on the the drive, from the OzTivo (actually it's the TivoZA version) installation disk. After restoring the image, I had to make some mods to the emuproxy, so that my ISP DNS would be supported ( i had done all this with the original installation, with perfect success). The first thing I did, was attempt to mount the drive, and this is where my problem arose. The mount just fails. I get all sorts of errors, like "No journal on filesystem" missing this and missing that etc. I have just for the billionth time, re-restored the image, reformatted the hdd in DOS with fdisk and eveything, but nothing works.
I have a vague suspicion that the drive may be "byteswapped" but i have no idea what that means,I think it might be the problem as I booted with the MFS Tool disk, and then was able to mount the drive, and edit the emuProxy. But then when i reinstall the drive in the tivo, the tivo just hangs at the first screen.
Am at my wits end trying to sort this out.

Can anyone help?


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